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Welcome to Basecamp!

Ok I know this is at the top of the main page but we have to start somewhere right? Starting a blog is awkward, but we are excited to start this new little project.

A few years ago, Mama and Papa Neubee bought a piece of land out near Bismark, MO. Haven't heard of it? Neither had we. They were excited to have a place out in the country to have family and friends out at, to get away, and be outdoors. Papa was especially excited about the dark skies.

The property is at the base of Buford Mountain. The term Mountain is used quite loosely in Missouri. This causes our Colorado friends to question the validity of Buford's Mountain status. Either way, it doesn't stop us from calling this beloved property Basecamp.

Since then, our family disappears to Basecamp anytime we can find the time. Someone is out there just about every weekend. I have often had friends ask "What do you all do while you're out at Bismark? " Its hard to give an answer, because while I see these moments as exciting and invaluable to our family, the truth is: we do a whole lot of nothing. So here's a blog of all the memorable nothings that happen at Basecamp. Thanks for stopping by!

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