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The Neubees

- Our Buford Mountain Family -

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Mama Neubee


Mama Neubee is our head beekeeper. She does a lot of the research on best beekeeping practice and she is always in the know about the  bee events/meetings/classes in the area. She loves coming out to basecamp to pick black berries, garden, and have friends and family around. She is committed to turning the house at basecamp into a cottage that Snow White would be proud to live in.

Favorite Basecamp activities: Feeding the Fish, Paddleboating


Papa Neubee


So bees might not totally be Papa Neubees jam but he is probably down at basecamp more than anyone else. He utilizes the dark skies away from St. Louis do do some intense astrophotography. Check out his site! He cuts the grass, chops firewood, and does controlled burns out at Bascamp!

Favorite Basecamp activities: Really anything involving the riding lawn mower. Especially if its pulling something!

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Baby Neubee


Baby Neubee has gotten over-the-top into beekeeping with Mama Neubee. She might be borderline possessive. But they always have a good time! She is lead instagramer for @BufordMountainBees. When possible, she loves to come out to basecamp and spend time with the family.

Favorite Basecamp Activities: Hammocking, berry picking


Boyfriend Neubee / Photographer Poirot


Our instagram BufordMountainBees instagram would not be possible without Boyfriend Neubees beautiful photos. To get the perfect shot, he might be a little too brave sometimes, because I'm pretty sure he has gotten stung the most out of all of us. 

Favorite Basecamp Activites: Really anything that involves fire


Mushroom-Hunting Haugbergs

/Sister and Brother-in-Law Neubees


These chicas are insanely bomb and are currently traveling the world by bike. Although they are away from Basecamp for the time being, we will be publishing their old mushroom photos from when they were here. Check them out at at their blog or their instagram: Ugly.Armadillos. 

Favorite Basecamp Activites: Playing games, Hiking, kayaking

Beekeepers: TeamMember
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